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SBI Pulse Credit Card Benefits

Credit By- Card Info

Written By- Ranjeet Roy

SBI Pulse Crad is a fitness focused credit card,

Credit By- Card Info

Features of SBI Pulse Card

1. Welcome Gift 2 Insurance Cover 3 Health Benefits  4 Milestone 5 Fule Benefits

Benefits Of SBI Pulse Card 

-Get 1% fuel surcharge .-Get 10 reward points on Rs 100  spent

Credit By- Card Info

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Other Benedits SBI Pulse Card

- NetMeds membership - Complimentary domestic lounge access(2yr). - Pass Membership

1. Annual Fee- 1499+ Taxes 2. Renewal Fee- 1499+ Taxes 3. Finance Charges - Rs 250

SBI Pulse Card Review

4. Late Payment - Rs 0 to Rs 1300 5. Cash Fee -Rs 250 6. Add On Fee- NIL

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