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Credit By- Card Info

Ideal for online shoppers, especially with partner companies

Affordable annual fee, waived with Rs. 1 lakh annual spending

1. Joining fee: Rs. 1,000 2.Renewal fee: Rs. 1,000 3.Up to 5% cashback on purchases. 4. 1% cashback on other spending

Access to 8 domestic airport lounges per year,

1. Premium credit card offering 2. Suitable for frequent credit card users 3.  Accumulate valuable reward points 

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Great travel and shopping savings

1. Complimentary Zomato Gold subscription for a year 2. Free lounge access: 12 visits within India and 6 visits outside India per year 3. Joining fee: Rs. 2,500

the choice between HDFC Millennia and HDFC Regalia depends on your specific needs & preferences

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